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Guinot facials in Singapore

The Guinot range of products has been helping women look their very best for years, and they’ve helped thousands of women of all races, colours and skin types reveal their inner beauty. Renique is proud to offer this amazing’ company’s stunning treatments to women across the city from our Singapore boutique.

Duration Cost
Beauty Neuve Treatment in Singapore

Beauty Neuve -
Double peeling treatment with fruit acids for brighter and younger looking skin

• Pigmentation is reduced
• Complexion is illuminated
• Anit-ageing cell renewal

60 mins $165



Hydradermie Treatment in SingaporeGuniot Hydradermie Double Ionization Treatment
The star facial personalised to your skin needs. Using galvanic currents to help penetrate active ingredients such as Vit C & E, Hyalauronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

• Deep cleansing
• Hydrating
• Calms the sensitive skin

75 mins $200
Guniot Hydra Lift Facial Treatment
Rejuvenates facial features by stimulating a volume of muscles in depth for a lifting effect.

• Skin is toned and tightened
• Contours are smoothed and lifted
• Blood circulation improved.

60 mins $160
Suggested as a course of three or more.
Course of 6 facials
Guniot Hydradermie Eye Lift

• Minimize crows feet
• Decongests the eye area
• Minimizes the appearence of dark circles

35 mins $100
Guniot Hydradermie Eye

• Combat puffiness
• Reduces dark circles
• Hydrates

40 mins $110
Guniot Hydradermie Deluxe

Combines the benefit of both Hydraemi and the Lift. Results in renewed radiance, smoothed features.

90 mins $300
Hydradermie Neck Treatment 40 mins $80

The best treatments in the most skilled hands

Give yourself the care it deserves. Whether you’re after professional waxing or the latest in European facial treatments, Renique can help you release your inner beauty.

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