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Waxing services in Singapore

Bid goodbye to unwanted hair for as long as 4 weeks with our specialty waxing services. Your requirement may be for your legs, arms, bikini line, G-String, Brazilian, tummy or even lip and chin íV and we offer waxing for all these areas. Our staffs are trained to ensure a perfect wax each time, so that you are left with smoother and softer skin for days.

An interesting fact about waxing is that it actively reduces the amount of hair regrowth you have, which means that overtime you’ll be left with lesser and finer hair than before. Try electrolysis for permanent hair reduction in Singapore today and notice the difference for yourself!

  Duration Cost
½ Leg Wax – Lower 20 mins $40
½ Leg Wax – Upper 25 mins $50
¾ Leg Wax 35 mins $60
Full Leg Wax 40 mins $90
Bikini Line 15 mins $30
G-String 20 mins $45
Brazilian with Strip & Lycon Wax 40 mins $55
Brazilian with Lycon Wax 50 mins $65
½ Arm Wax 20 mins $40
Under Arm Wax 10 mins $30
Full Arm Wax 30 mins $60
Full Back Wax 25 mins $65
Tummy Wax 10 mins $15
Lip/Chin Wax/ Thread (each) 5 mins $10


Everything you need in beauty under one roof

Get the best for yourself at Renique. One of the most cutting edge facial and electrolysis boutiques in the city, we help women across Singapore look their very best.

Make a booking today and experience the difference at Renique from our skilled and state-of-the-art technology.