What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal regardless of cause – heredity, metabolic or hormonal condition. Electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair.

How does electrolysis work ?

A disposable sterile probe (the same diameter as the hair) is inserted into the hair follicle which is a natural opening in the skin. A small amount of energy is then released into the base of the hair, cutting the blood supply to stop new hair from growing.

The Permanent hair removal is achieved by either heat, chemical reaction or a blend of both.

It is normal to see redness and mild swelling after your electrolysis treatment. In most individuals, this will disappear within few hours. Post treatment instructions will be provided.

Based on a personal and confidential consultation, your electrologist will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs

Electrolysis for PCOS

(hormone imbalance)

Hormones fluctuate and can cause rapid hair growth in women. This can be related to an underline medical condition such as PCOS. Puberty and pregnancy can also affect hair growth.

Common Symptoms

1. Irregular menstrual cycles
2. Darkened patches of skin
3. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
4. Unexpected/unwanted hair growth

Once it has been confirmed by an endocrinologist, regardless of the cause, electrolysis will help you remove the unwanted hair.

Useful Tips

Hair Length

Please make sure your hair length is 1/16 of an inch in length so that it can be treated.

Drink Water

For a more efficient treatment drink lots of water before and the day of your appointment. Fully hydrated follicles will ensure amore effective treatment because electrolysis works by using existing water content in the follicle.


Gently exfoliating your skin before treatment opens up the follicles and lets the unwanted hair slide out more easily.

Do not pick

Light scabbing is a natural part of healing process. If scabs appear, allow them to fall off naturally. Picking on scabs could cause scarring. Scabs are lymph fluid that has drained from the treated hair follicle and has dried up at the surface.

Avoid Retinoids

Do not use any topical retinoid for at least one week prior to your electrolysis treatment. It could result in permanent pigment and scarring.

Avoid Caffine

Avoid caffine few hours before appointment. This could make you more sensitive to the treatment.

Avoid Sun

Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours prior to your treatment. Exposure to the sun will dilate your blood vessels and will lengthen your recovery time.

* It is very important to maintain a consistent schedule of appointments

The Equipment

The most innovative advanced technology based computer epilator that concentrates and controls the extent of destruction in the hair follicle, targeting only the germinative cells and thus protecting the skin and preventing hair growth. Patented and exclusive techniques, with proven effectiveness in the field of 100% permanent hair removal. Sophisticated design with touch screen, personalised treatment programs. Unique 27.12 Mhz, ultra fast radiofrequency that delivers lasting results that you desire.

Offering an unequalled level of comfort.

First Visit & Consultation Trial

In your first visit and consultation, we will discuss problematic areas, questions you may have and any prior received hair removal treatments.

As we are uniquely outfitted with both electrolysis and IPL (medical grade equipment) to reduce and destroy unwanted hair –
our electrologist will assess and discuss how to create the perfect treatment plan for you, using either both or one of the above mentioned machines.

In this consultation trial, you will get to experience a short electrolysis and/or IPL treatment so that you are informed and aware of what either treatment feels like.

A consultation is required in order to assess and understand previous hair removal treatments, medical history and future plans for unwanted hair.

First Visit & Consultation Trial: $68

Price List

5mins – $30

10min – $45

15mins – $50

20mins – $65

25mins – $80

30mins – $90

45mins – $120

60mins – $150

4Hours Package – $600

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