Renique uses a unique patented cooling and smooth pulse technology. The strong pulse light delivers the very best of results in hair removal/reduction. A “3-in-1” platform with a combination of IPL/RF/IR technologies, is suitable to address a wide range of hair types and skin color with no side effects. FDA considers IPL to be a permanent reduction of hair removal.

What is IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Hair Removal?

IPL uses the energy of a pulsed light to destroy the source of hair growth. The pulse goes through the skin and is attracted to dark colored pigment. Once the energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, a thermal reaction takes place that renders the follicle inactive. IPL, just like electrolysis, requires a series of treatments. Because of the various cycles of hair growth, all the hairs do not appear at the surface of the skin at the same time. It is imperative that your treatments are scheduled and consistent to make sure that all the hairs get treated at the new hair growth cycle. If growth is hormonal, a maintenance program or electrolysis maybe required.

Based on a personal and confidential consultation, your electrologist will design a treatment plan and after care that addresses your specific hair removal needs.

10% off when purchasing any 3 listed treatment areas below.

15% off when purchasing a package of 4 sessions of any one treatment listed below.


Upper Lip

$ 95

Upper & Lower Lip

$ 110


$ 95

Chin and Under Chin

$ 120

Upper Lip and Chin

$ 130

Side Burns

$ 100

Full Face (Neck not included)

$ 170

Face & Neck

$ 200

Jaw and Neck

$ 150


$ 110


$ 100


$ 120


$ 400

Abdominal Trail

$ 110

Bikini Line

$ 200


$ 300

Half Arms

$ 275

Full Arms

$ 550


$ 130

Half Back

$ 300

Half Back & Shoulder

$ 425

Full Back & Shoulder

$ 750

Leg – Lower (Knee included)

$ 475

Leg – Upper

$ 525

Leg – Full

$ 800

Thigh – Inner

$ 300

A Natural Difference (A.N.D)

With help from nature and science, we have a chance to keep our skin as young as possible. Mindfully crafted, A.N.D ( A Natural Difference) skincare products are some of the most innovative and result driven formulations using a multi-layered approach by combining fruit enzymes with AHA/BHAs and a variety of target active ingredients from natural sources to address your skin concerns

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Guinot Hydradermie is one of the most popular salon treatments available worldwide.

The treatment helps maintain a healthy complexion using plant-based gels and mild galvanic current to help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, to remove impurities and toxins. Further, skin cells are oxygenated using high frequency current to create an anti-bacterial effect before the relaxing facial massage and a mask.

Information to help you make the most of your time

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment time. This allows you to complete your personal profile and relax.

Etiquette: Please ensure your mobile is on silent before entering the treatment room.

Appointment Policy: 24-hour advance notice is required if you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. A full treatment charge will be incurred for “no show” and cancellation less than 24 hours. Late arrivals will result in reduced treatment time.

Gift Certificates: Are available. These are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for other services or cash.

Packages: Treatment packages purchased are strictly non-refundable and/or transferable for other treatments/Clients or exchanged for cash.

*Renique reserves the right to adjust or amend menu items & prices

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