Fruit Enzyme Peels

Enzymes are proteins that the body produces naturally. A Natural Difference Clinical Skincare has an amazing collection of natural ingredients sourced from plants, fruits and vegetables. Carefully selected to treat every skin condition.
Enzyme peels digest dead skin cells without harming living healthy cells. This method of exfoliation does not strip the skin and leaves the skin’s PH level balanced. Creates a path for new skin cells to absorb products such as serums, creams and masques quickly for nourishment.

Our enzyme peels are suitable for all skin types and results are immediately visible. Pores are tighter, more refined. Leaving your skin feeling fresh, clear, smooth and more radiant.

Functions of Enzymes

• Increases oxygenation

• Increases metabolic rates

• Increases nutrient supply

• Increases circulation in cell

• Stimulates lymphatic drainage

• Reduces toxin levels

There are 6 enzymes to choose from
to suit your skin condition:

  Duration Price
Enzyme peel Face and Neck
(Incl. face, neck, shoulder massage and masque)
45 mins $180
Enzyme Peel Face and Neck with serums
(Incl. face, neck, shoulder massage and masque)
(With hot stones)
75 mins $250

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