Oxygen Facial

Oxygen applied directly to facial skin helps to increase the elasticity of collagen and oxygen. Effectively slows down the ageing process as well as reverses many signs of ageing. This treatment offers the necessary material to stimulate and allows the cells to function more effectively. Suitable for all skin types


• Helps to increase the elasticity of collagen. Adheres directly to Fibroblast tissues.
• Accelerates the production of skin cells quicker
• Fights Photo-Damage and a must for smokers
• Oxygenates the skin cells for regeneration.

This is a very stimulating treatment. Clients will feel the effect for a couple of hours or
sometimes a day or two.

  Duration Price
Oxygen Facial includes face, neck, shoulder, massage and masque 60 mins $200

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early when first visiting us to give ample time for paperwork and to discuss any issues you may want to address. Late arrivals and paperwork will affect your time on our table.

Thank You for your understanding